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Hello,my acer travelmate drops the wireless network and when i go into wireless networks its not there,i have to reboot to get it back
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    What model router do you have? How far from the router is the laptop used and what environment (walls, etc.. in the way?).
  2. tks for answering me .i have a linksys but this is something new i haven't had this problem b4,it started a few wks ago prior to that if it didn't automatically connect it showed up in wireless networks available and i would hit connect and i had "signal strength" excellent. the only wrong with my puter is the battery won't hold a charge,so i ordered a new 1,don't know if that could cause it or why but i'll see what happens when i get the new battery.tks
  3. got my new battery on friday and all seems good.tks
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