Ati 5770 Temps

Sysem Specs
Intel 2500k (no overclocking)
1TB hardrive
8GB DDR3 Ram @1333Mhz
1000W power supply

Was wondring what my temps should be. Using a Lian Li Lancool K62 Dark armour case. One 140Mm intake, two 140mm outake and one 120mm outake. Was running fable3, got around 75c, ran Heaven benchmark and got about the same. Now my questions are-
1. These all ok? Running at Core clock of 875Mhz and 1300Mhz memory. Card is XFX XXX 5770
2. Will i see an improvment if i use better fans? Such as Silverstone Air panatrator fans?
3. Im getting another 5770 off my brother sometime this year (when he upgrades to a 580 Sli) will temps go up alot?
4.How should i position my PSU? Fan facing below or up? Really lost on that one.
5. Should i get a VGA fan cooler that goes into one of my Backplate slots? . Possibly a one slot one to go inbetween my 5770s when i upgrade?
On a side note. 6. Need a program to see my CPU temps. Want to see if i should invest in a CPU cooler. My current one seems ok.

System coolers-
CPU coolers-
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  1. I think the problem stems not from your case cooling but from the overclock on the video card paired with the stock cooler. Are you overvolting the card to achieve the clocks? I would tone down the OC so the card is hitting below 70c personally. The longevity of the card is at risk and if you plan on adding another card to run at those clocks in CF your temps will only go up.

    4. the positioning of the PSU fan depends on it's direction. If the fan is an intake then point it down so it isn't interfering with the intake of the vid card.

    5. My experience with the slot coolers is less than good. I wouldn't recommend using that unless you had a monster card that you could position the fan 2 or 3 D-brackets down from the card.

    this is a crude diagram but you get the idea of optimal airflow. Also making sure your cable management is tight is a good way to keep the air going the direction you want it to.

    6. CoreTemp and Real Temp are good choices for Intel CPUz. CPUZ is a good tool for OC and verifying memory settings.
  2. It's only overclocked by 25mhz. It's not over volted or anything.
  3. Does anyone have a solution?
  4. Well those temps are fine for that card but running another one will raise it I would advise to get a couple of after market coolers or get a couple of cheap cases fans and mod your case up to get better airflow....personally I have 10 fans running my case I added 4 new fans and noticed a huge difference in my temps at idle and load...but I also have them running 8 of them running 100% all the time you can also dowload a fan control app like msi after burner or sapphire tweak tool....get rid of the ccc( i have not used it in years it restricts your card performance) and try out trixx sapphire tweak tool you can safely over clock while watching your temps and you also can set a fan curve to keep your card cooler
  5. im currently using MSI afterburner. Ive just chucked in another fan. (intake at the front, air should be blowing over the graphics card) but ive launched Msi afterburner afterwards. It says im running at what seems to be 2D clocks. And says im getting around 55C. Im running Heaven Benchmark.
    EDIT: just did MSi Combuster and it says same clocks and temp Coreclock 400Mhz 900Mhz Memory. So whats going on?
    EDIT: after another bench clockes and temps seems to be displaying correctly. Clocks are normal and Temp seems to dropped to about 70C. Seeing this i mite save up a bit and change all my fans over to Silverstone Air Penatrators. Whats the best fan out right now in terms of Cooling? Please use
  6. well really a fan is a fan is a fan they all push air the higher rpm ones will obviously push more air as like a bigger fan will push more air.....but your temps are fine like I said but those clock speeds....thats low low um try uninstalling afterburner and try that trixx and see if your clock speeds go down ang gpuz is a great gpu monitor grb gpuz and put up a screen shot or link and we can see whats goin on with your clocks....the thing with that trxx tho is that every time you reboot your computer you have to load your profile again.... but my rig is usually on 24/7 anyways......low clocks hmmm oh and if your just worried about your gpu temps wich are fine for these cards then getting an after market cooler is the best solution fan wise.....if you dont care about warranty on the card you can always reseat the heatsink and fan with a GOOD thermal paste. that will drop your temps at Least 5 or 6 degrees running load
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