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What are acceptable temperatures for my laptop CPU?

For my desktop I generally keep it below 70C, but I'm not sure if my laptop temps should be the same. I have a T4500 Dual-Core Pentium CPU. Also does anybody know of any programs to check which processes are using the CPU the most?
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  1. Ctrl+alt+delete, under processes tab, sort by CPU. I also have a T4500 based laptop but since it's new and dust free, my core temps are high 20's at web browsing. I do not recommend a laptop going past 70C. If it's past 60c, you need to clean it out.
  2. 45-55 celcius is normal
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    download core temp and look for a figure called tjmax. other monitor softwares are cpu-z, gpu-z, speccy, hwmonitor, speedfan.
    this page says your cpu's max temperature is 105c.
    for good performance and longevity don't let your cpu temp go higher than 60-65c. if your cpu gets that hot, clean your laptop's air vents for better air supply and keep it clean.
  4. Thanks to all of you
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  6. forgot to add speedfan.
    thanks for the vote. :)
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