Mod Project... Need help with deciding on a PSU.

So, I"m modding a computer case and want to show it off. I'm missing quite a few updated parts,but that's not the problem. My old psu out a old Hp, cables are way to short to take advantage on my cable routing mod, so I need help finding one black psu with long pre sleeved cables fairly good wattage for some gaming when I update the guts! :sweat:
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  1. That depends on what you plan to use in your rigs. Tell us your build. I will only use something from Antec and Corsair. Seasonic is one of the, if not, the best but they are also expensive so I will only consider them if you're going to be using more than 1000W.
  2. I dont have one I'm currently using an A8n-La board and four sticks of ddr = 2gb out an old Hp. I'm modding a case and needed something basically free to show it off, but I want to show the cable routing system I have made up. Later on I will improve it.
  3. Any more takers on the subject?
  4. Antec are really reliable. I can vouch for them. I still use my Antec Earthwatts. If you don't need much power, check this PSU out instead: it's from Corsair and recommended by johnnyguru [tough PSU critic]
  5. heres another good option, i believe both psu's (antec hcg 520 and xfx 550) are actually made by seasonic:
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