5830 vs 5770 (ati)

hi the 5770 and 5830 are the same price on ebuyer, yet it seems that most reviews say that the 5830 is about 30% better, some reviews also say that crossfire scaling is quite bad, but i read up on it and found that the scaling has been fixed with recent drivers.

i also read that the 5830 can be overclocked to perform at the same level as the 5850.

i am aware of the higher power usage of the 5830, and of the size of the card, but should i buy it?

5830: (£83.99)

5770: (£87 cheapest)

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  1. Go with the HD5830. It gives you more overhead (room) for OCing to higher performance levels. Just make sure your power supply is sufficient for either option.

    Good luck!
  2. The 5830 is definitely a better card. However I would recommend looking for a 5850 Xtreme which came out at a very low price. An overclocked 5850 can be as fast as crossfire 5770s.
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