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I have a nvidia GTS450 running in my system with the latest nvidia drivers, and I want three monitors. I am running windows 7 pro 64 bit, with the latest nvidia drivers. My mobo doesn't support SLI, which is lame, but either way, I'm not buying a new motherboard and a second 450 just to get a third monitor, especially since I don't do gaming, I simply need the space of three.

So, I had thought about putting another Pci card into my rig to get a third monitor, but it simply doesn't work. I have a geforce FX 5200 that I was hoping I could put into an open PCI slot and have act as a output. Windows defaults to the pci, or if I select the pci express slot in the bios as the first VGA device to activate, the second pci card doesn't work at all. In both cases, when one is active, the other one shows up as "having a problem" in device manager. When I installed the drivers for the 5200, windows totally freaked out with IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL errors, and I eventually had to system restore

So, is there any way to get a third monitor using a cheap PCI card as the output? I have searched ad nausem, and found nothing. I refuse to buy an ATI card, but I also will not spend another $300 to get a third monitor on my rig.

if anyone can help, I'd be appreciative. Thanks.
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