Blue screen error

ok so i just built a new pc and i have this MOBO

and this memory

and everytime i try to install windows right after the glowing windows sign i get a blue screen error about driver_irql_not_less_or_equal
and than some crap about following steps
and then
vsmraid.sys at base something something

and says i should disable shadow or memory cache so i installed my old ram back in (corsair 2gb) and i installed windows and after that i replaced the ram back with 4 of the crucials ones so i now have 16gb. but i still randomly keep getting that error
so how do i fix it and also after the error the pc restarts and i get the same blue screen error before log on screen and can take up to 3-4 restarts before i am able to log in

and also how do i overclock the ram to run @1866 and not at 1333 like its doing right now
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  1. Chances are that you have a bad module, run memtest on them individually
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