465- 3- way SLI question....

Is it possible to run GTX 465's in 3-way SLI...reason I ask is because I see that 2 SLI connectors can be connected to each card..so it looks like it's possible....but I just wanted to get comfirmation.
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  1. The gtx 465 uses the same pcb as the gtx 470 and those can go up to quad sli. If you already own two cards and can get the third on the cheap then go for it. However these are horrible as far as power consumption goes. Expect minor a cpu bottleneck in some situations.
  2. yes, but i would strongly recommend against it. you will need a good quality 1000w PSU and extremely good case ventilation to prevent everything from overheating. Best option, if you already have 2, sell them, get a faster/newer/more power efficiend single/dual card setup.
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