Which power supply / case combo wins?

160$ combined..

135$ after rebate.


160$ combined.

130$ after rebate.

basically same price.

thanks for any opinions you guys have, im picking up one of the two tomorrow, or if there is a better combo at a similar price i'll gladly take suggestions besides these two.

this is to power and to hold the following:

i5 2500k
evga 560 ti o/c
1.5 tb hdd
GA-Z68X intel mobo
8 gig ram
hyper 212 plus.

thanks in advanced for any help!

posting this exactly at midnight my time, i'm literally going to the store tomorrow at noonish to pick up a case / psu combo so i can start getting this project done! :)
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  1. Well the other combo is no longer available so your answer should be the Lian Li and Antec HCG by default. Don't worry both Lian Li and Antec are both reliable and quality brands. I have a Antec 300 along with Antec Earthwatts 650W no problems so far.
  2. Wowww..I guess the combo just ended august 1st.. fuckkk..

    it was a storm scout + cm 750w psu..
  3. I was leaning towards the CM combo too..
  4. Is that Lian Li + Antec a good price at 135 after rebate?
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    I can definitely vouch for the Antec HCG 750W but as for the Lian Li.. it is a good brand and they do have lots of quality cases.. but that's mainly up for you to decide if you like how it looks. If you hate it, you can always get the HCG for $70 after MIR, and a Rosewill Challenger or Antec 300 ($50 after $10 MIR).. or anything in that range :P
  6. Thx for the vouch.

    I ordered both right now, just to assure the -35$ discounts don't get taken off randomly over night and the rebate on the 750w :P.

    Thanks wintermint!
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