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Living near the ocean shore in humid tropical climate, I try to make every thing possible to protect my hardware. Unfortunately since the last 2.5 years I had to change my graphic cards 3 times. The last I had was a Nvidia GTX 260. Now I want to buy the GTX 560 Ti. There are several brands of it. 1. Could you tell me which one is the strongest to resist corrosion problems? 2. Can I do something to protect the Video card from corrosion like utilising a protective Spray, if yes which one?
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  1. Never heard of corrosion problems...

    Hm. Honestly, you could try a dehumidifier in your room? Take some of that salty moisture out of the air. Barring that, I'm not sure what you could do.

    I've never heard of any spray that you could use to enhance corrosion resistance, nor any card that was the most resistant to corrosion.
  2. I wonder if there are enclosures that may help out with this problem.
  3. I first thought of maybe water cooling, as the water block might help, but then maybe the block itself could be corroded by the salt in the air?

    Would nickel plated water blocks be corroded?
  4. I don't get it why only GPU heat-sink corrosion? you mean CPU and chip-set is fine but only GPU gets messed up?

    You can try and buy pure copper GPU heat-sink.

    Also can try paint with Clear coat, if you can get your hands on professional (from automotive paint store) it will reduce the heat efficiency but have to test by how much.

    You can clear coat water block (outsides) with no problems at all if you go with water cooling.
  5. Silicone spray can be used for preventing corrosion.

    Don't use an automotive clear coat lacquer, it will screw up thermal cooling of SMDs.
  6. rubberized undercoat prevents rust on cars, but that stuff never dries off and i think its actually bad for computer parts. so dont try that. you can try to chrome the heatsink.

    actually dont do anything i said. im not an expert of oxidizing and corrosion like my friend is.

    you can try to put a dehumidifier in your room, but then that can result in increase static electricity which is bad.
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