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Can you use both the onboard video chipset and a separate video card together? I ask because I was wondering if I could use the onboard video for extra monitor beyond what my video card can handle?
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  1. AMD/ATI had this feature in their 7xx and 8xx motherboard chipsets (south bridge respectively).

    Example: The 890 GX was I "think" the last one that could do this. You were able to use the IGP on the motherboard with a dedicated GPU together in crossfire. It was a neat idea, but not sure if it's still going on.

    If you have some sort of integrated Intel or Nvidia graphics, this will not work.
  2. No it's an Asus 880 chipset with a Radeon 4250 HD. Maybe it'll work or I can find some materials on it from Asus, if not just contact them directly. Thanks for the reply though, I looked across the web and the answers were very splayed and random. Maybe I'll write the firmware on my own since it's just fooling the motherboard into thinking there are two video cards in crossfire rather than an off board and an IGP. Shouldn't be THAT hard to mimic.
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