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Graphics card Selection help?

I have a dell insperon 530s, and I know there have been quite a few topics on a video card for the 530s, but they are all older And after attempting to figure out what gpu is for me I feel like I'm going in circles. So I decided to make an account just to ask this

Like I said it's a insperon 530s (so low pro card), 250w max power supply.

Any help would be appreciated.

Oh yeah forgot to mention budget is roughly 50-90 dollars.
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  1. To be honest you need a new power supply, even the lowest AMD discrete card still has a 400w recommendation.
  2. what I was afraid if, any recommendations on power supply?
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    ignore the above post completely

    Dell rates their supplies at CONTINUOS WATTAGE
    not max wattage like most aftermarket PSU makers

    I run a HD 5670 on a Dell 280w with no problems
    and have also ran a HD 4650 on the same PSU

    I have ran Furmark GPU stress and at the same time ran Prime95 with
    a OCd E4500 at 2.93 (yes you can Overclock some Dells) with
    the HD 5670 OCd for over a half hour in a 75f room with no problems

    I recommend the following low profile cards
    Sapphire HD 4650 low pro
    MSI HD 5670 low pro (careful it is a wide card with the dual fan assembly
    make sure you have clearance around your PCI-E slot)

    also a HD 4670 and a GT 240 are also decent choices

    the HD 5670 is the most powerful card made in low pro
    with no external power connector

    My Dell Optiplex 745 with the HD 5670 plays
    Crysis Warhead at 1920x1080 at Gamer settings
    Bioshock 2 at 1920x1080 at high settings no AA
    Left 4 dead 2 at 1920x1080 high settings with AA
    Far Cry 2 at 1920x1080 at high settings

    runs real quiet and cool

    DONT pay attention to people who have no experience with Dells
  4. Oh alright very good to hear. I'm sure I'll go with one of those graphics cards.
  5. If someone could give me a link where to buy the low pro msi HD 5670, it would be much appreciated. Not sure why but I can't for the life of me find one.

    newegg link

    also have found on Amazon

    warning the fan assembly is kind of big on that card
    to fit it in my Optiplex Slim Desktop I had to cut the assembly and half
    and only use one fan

    look at your PCIe slot and make sure you have roughly a two inch clearance the topside

    not the part facing the other cards but away from slots

    also if you use vga a slot is filled with an extended vga blank plate

    good luck
    let us know how you did :)
  7. Alright thank you very much. I'll probably order it tomorrow. And I'll be sure to post how it goes.
  8. Just FYI a HD 5670 is max 64watt power usage
    250w is a little low
    I have read about HD 5670 running on low wattage supplies

    read this

    Radeon HD 5670 (Redwood) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 $79.99 to $129.99

    Core Clock: 775mhz
    Stream Processors: 400
    Effective Memory Clock: 4000 MHz
    Power Consumption at Idle: 15 watts
    Power Consumption at Full Load: 64 watts [...] TS?$S180W$

    •Recommended is a 400 watt PSU to run this card no 6 pin connectors required this card. You will have no problems running on a 300 to 350watt PSU. 500 watt PSU is reccommended to crossfire this card you could get away with using 450 watt no problem.
    •Recommended 30 Amps on the 12 volt rail for single card and 41 Amps for crossfire but this card will run on units with as little as 25 Amps on 12 volt rail.

    that is from this link on Toms

    realize that a Dell 250wcontiuos max is equl to about a 300-350 watt max load PSU

    so you should be fine
    but I want you to be aware that you are borderline line with the PSU

    be careful and dont run more than one hard drive and optical drive
    to be safe

    here is a link to a good PSU calculator

    I didnt know your exact specs
    so I picked a Pentium D CPU
    and 4 sticks of ram
    and a sound card
    plus 1 HD
    1 dvdrw
    1 fan
    with 25% PSU aging

    it says minimal 300 watt
    and recommends 350 as ideal

    I purposely picked higher power usage components like the Pentium D( real power hog compared to a Core2Duo or Celeron D) and 4 sticks of ram just to overestimate

    it is safe to say your Dell 250 is equal to a 300w
    probably more like 325w

    But be aware you do this at your own risk
    IF you want to be sure
    google towers model number and HD 5670 and see if anybody has done this first
  9. I googled it. Believe I found a couple people that did it not sure if there was a psu upgrade Though I'll just give it a shot. haha.
  10. It is kind of cool when your not 100 percent sure if an upgrade will work or not
    and then when you turn it on
    and no smoke comes out
    and it works good

    That can be a real rush :)
  11. Just an update, got the video card yesterday. Installed it and everything seems to be working perfectly. Nothing is running hot. Happy with the purchase. And thanks for the help.
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