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Im building a new rig mainly for gaming but I im still going for the i7 series, mainly just because I can but also I might mess around with editing software in the future, so also to be safe.

anyways, to the point; fist off, this is my setup sofar:
Asus Sabertooth Z77 (mostly for the aesthetics of the heatshield)
Intel Core i7 3770k
Corsair Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133mhz 2x4gb
Samsung 830 Series 128 GB (for games)
Corsair Force Series 3 120gb (for OS)
Fractal Design 1000w PSU (might chance that to one with a hybrid fan control for a more quiet rig)

Now for my questions:
1) Can the motherboard even fully use the fast RAM, if I look at the specs of the MB it supports up to 1866mhz?

2) Would it be better to get 4x4gb 1866mhz insted?

3) I am seeing quite a few of the "experts" on various youtube channels using the LGA2011 for their personal rigs, what are the pros and cons for that socket and the processors for it?

I hope that someone is able to answer my questions, and if you cant see it in my post, im not an expert I have basic knowledge to the point that I have made 2 gaming rigs before without any problems (both picking out the parts and assembling it..)

thanks in advance!
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  1. RAM faster than 1600 has no benefit unless you are an experienced overclocker.

    LGA2011 is good if you need the extra two cores for video editing, development, server tasks. Some people (me) buy it because either our jobs depend on computers or its our major hobby and we don't mind spending more to have "the best". Actually for gaming it doesn't make much fact may be slower than an i5 if properly overclocked. When playing games, all but one or two of my cores are idle.

    Get 1600 memory and a different PSU. You can run a 670 and 3770 combo on as little as 450w. The Fractal Design is not horrible, and it does look nice...but a nice quiet 500-700w Seasonic or Antec will be cheaper and better.

    My only problem with the Sabertooth is it doesn't have the little 2 digit debug LED that a lot of other ASUS motherboards have. That feature is really convenient when you have hardware issues. But if you like the look of the thermal is one of the most popular mobos, which means lots of community help and (probably) lots of BIOS updates.
  2. Ok, that was what I thought I know, but recently I have seen alot of people talking about ram with speed over 2000mhz so I thought I would ask..
    then I will go with the 1600 or maybe 1866 if my budget allows it

    ok, thought it would be something like that but thanks for the answer. ill stick with the 3770k

    I already have the fractal design on my current pc, and I know its not required.. but I would rather pay a little more now than have to upgrade the PSU the next time again, which is probably what I thought the last time around.. :P

    ok, never actually had any use for it, but a good point..
    thanks for the answer!
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