Asrock Wolfdale1333-D667 + Ati XFX HD5450 (Not Recognize)

Mother: Asrock Wolfdale1333-D667
Video Card: XFX ATI HD 5450 1GB PCI-E 16X.

The problem is that the mother don't recognize the video card.

This things i do, but nothing correct the problem:
- Bios update
- Disconnect CD/DVD/HDDs/USB if the problem were the Power Supply.
- Test other video card and works!
- Test this video card in other PC and works!

What can i Doooo??

Sorry about my english.

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  1. have you tried disabling the onboard video??

    EDIT: sometimes the onboard video can conflict with the video card, and some boards require you disable it.
  2. computernugget said:
    have you tried disabling the onboard video??

    Yes... Was the first thing i do.
    I change the Onboard to PCI Express.
  3. hmmm..... i would say its the card, but you already said you tried it on other computers so thats not it.
  4. I have a similar problem Asrock Wolfdale1333-D667 + XFX ONE 2GB (Not Recognize). You have found a solution? I appreciate any idea.
  5. I solved by updating the BIOS with a flash that send me from ASRock support...

    i share the flash file. Is Version 1.53 ... In the web of Asrock the last update is 1.50.

    File download:

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