Wireless Network only running @ 11Mbps :(

Hi all, my setup is a NETGEAR Wireless WGR614 and my network card is a wireless Belkin desktop card and look at the picture, i'm only getting 11Mbps!!! Does anyone know how I can reach 54 :P ?


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  1. First off, change to channel 6, not 11.

    Second.. what kind of wireless card/AP do you have? Right now I'm thinking that you're using an 802.11B wireless cardor adapter, in which case that's all you're going to get.

    Keep in mind if you're just accessing your router for internet use, 11mbits if faster than what your router's 10mbit can handle.. so that's not a big deal. If you're trying to transfer files between computers, wireless isn't the fastest solution. Try out 801.11G for that fix..

  2. hi, i know i can get 54 becuase I used to get it constantly.. my download speed from east coast US is 25kbps now... it used to never go under 65kbps.

    My wireless network card is a Belkin 54g.

    Ok so if I change it to 6, I should be able to achieve 54Mbps ???

    "i'm not young enough to know everything"
    -Oscar Wilde
  3. The only reason changing your frequency base (channel) would benefit you is if your have an interference issue. In a perfect environment changing the channel offers no speed gain whatsoever. In fact, it's more likely there would be an interference issue at 6 than 11 if you have rogue AP's in your airspace as that is usually the default channel on most AP's and few people change them. It's certainly worth a shot however. What are you getting througput wise if you use cat5 instead of a wireless link?
  4. How far away from the access point are you?
    Check the router config to make sure it didn't get switched into 11mb mode instead of 54mb or mixed mode. If it has that option.

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  5. thanks for help guys.

    These are the main settings I have my Belkin wireless card set to, could someone tell me if they are correct?

    BSS PLCP Header: is set to "Auto (Short/Long)" and the rest of the options are, "Long".

    Fragmentation Threshold: is set to "2346".

    IBSS 54g(tm) Mode: is set to "54g Auto" the rest of the options are, "54g LRS", "54g Performance" & "802.11b Only".

    Rate: is set to "Use Best Rate" and the rest of the options are, "1", "2", "5.5", "6", "9", "11", "12", "18", "24", "36", "48" & "54".

    Roaming Decision: is set to "Default" and the rest of the options are, "Optimize Bandwidth" & "Optimize Distance".

    RTS Threshold: is set to "2347".

    XPress (TM) Technology: is set to "Enabled" and the rest of the options are, "Disabled".

    Folken, the router is upstairs and the PC is downstairs.. the distance is no more than 15 meters point-to-point.

    "i'm not young enough to know everything"
    -Oscar Wilde
  6. 15 meters with multiple obstructions can be a problem. No way for me or anyone else to tell in a BBS post but you could try moving your AP around. I would start with it right next to your client if it is a PC or if it is a laptop, much easier, right next to the AP. See what your signalling rate is. Should be 54 Mb in the same room. Then fan out and see what you get. You could also use something like netstumber to get more accurate readings. Your settings look fine. Xpress sounds proprietary. That would be the only thing that would concern me, simpley because I don't know anything about it. Pretty easy to solve there though. Disable it and see what happens. Nothing in your settings are affecting range though. A 2.4 Ghz carrier signal is going the same distance and could care less about your AP settings. That is more about througput and just check your manual for the details but beyond the Xpress stuff your fine otherwise.
  7. hi, i disabled express and I am now getting a very steady 54Mbps speed... I thought XPress Tech increase speed... thats what it says anyway!

    Well thats sorted then and thank you very much :)

    "i'm not young enough to know everything"
    -Oscar Wilde
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