Hi all was looking for some advice

First of all, how are you all :)

I thought i would come on here and seek a bit of advice, if thats kool. Basically i am looking to start building on my rig i will eventually be getting a new mobo and cpu but for the moment i am looking to spend on upgrading what i have which is........


Before you read on you should know that i want to look into OC'n in the near future and i am looking for someone with the know how to have a look at what i am suggesting and advise me accordingly as i am a bit of a noob when it comes to hardware.

I currently have a crappy stock cooler on my CPU and was looking at the NH - D14 but because of the heatsinks on my chipset ( its the 1.1 version ) this wont fit i then looked at the Coolermaster V8 which seems decent enough and with the fan speed control i can hush it up when not under load but this is extremely heavy, will that effect anything as it is nearly twice the recommended weight for the socket.

Next up...... i have 2 x 1GB corsair XMS2 memory sticks in channels 1 and 3, i am looking to buy 2 x 2GB corsair XMS2 for channels 2 and 4, again just want to make sure this is going to run with no probs.

Eventually i am going to get 2 x TB SATA HDD and was thinking about setting up RAID on them, it is a home PC, do i really need a RAID setup??? Is it going to noticably increase my read/write times???

I feel really cheeky asking all this on my 1st post but will be buying all my parts online and would just like to know if its gonna be ok before i purchse it all or if someone looks at it and suggests better alternatives from their experience it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any time taking to read this post and help offered.


P.S sorry for covering Jessica Alba with CPUZ lol
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  1. Wont let me edit, its RAID 1 i was going to put on the HDD not 10
  2. muttz said:
    Wont let me edit, its RAID 1 i was going to put on the HDD not 10

    Use the 'Quick Edit' function (middle button).
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