Serious BIOS problem freezing!!!

Ok here is the deal, I have a msi 970a-g46 motherboard with click bios II.. When I go into the bios the bios loads fine, but then when I go to move the mouse to click some settings the whole bios just freezes. Windows will load and in the windows system area it says I have 4.0ghz processor . My processor USIA a fx 6100 base clock 3.3ghz... It's like my bios is stuck in overclock. I tried clearing the CMOS by using the jumper and by removing the battery for like 30 minutes still no luck. Also my computer freezes when I try and use the msi control panel on windows desktop. :/ can anyone help je with this?? :fou:
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  1. A few things come to mind here, have you updated your BIOS? If yes and still no joy, I would begin contact with MSI customer service to see what they recommend. Seems to me that your BIOS chip may be faulty but MSI will be able to help determine that.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's faulty.. I'm just going to exchange it tomorrow at compusa since I'm still within the 30 days. And I have original box and mAnual and accessories . The reason I'm sure it's faulty is because I tried different ram and processor and it still wouldn't work.. It won't even let me flash an older bios.
  3. Hello, you solved your problem, how?
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