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[Q] Fried chipset. Maybe?

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July 28, 2012 6:23:26 AM

Okay.So .. I'm kind of new into this stuff, but I will do everything as you say. Let me introduce you to the situation first. A month ago something went wrong with my pc. A pc "specialist" told me that the video card is fried, so I bought another one. Didnt work. Then he told me to get a new PSU - did that, didnt work. Then he told me that the problem is in the motherboard. Took me a while to collect the money and I bought DFI P45 Lanparty [ which a lot people considered to be the best for my budget, oh yeah, its second hand ]. So I put the pc together and its not working again.. what a surprise.I mean.. it was working, everything was working like it should, but my monitor led was orange and I didnt see any visualisation between the monitor and the pc. The problem remains. When the mobo arrived it had some kind of a "Thermalright cooler".. first time seeing anything like this in my life.So I call a "competent guy" and ask him what would hapen if I dont install the cooler * which was for the chipset, later I find out *, he says no. So I putted the pc together and I get the problem a little on top of this sentance. So I call the guy that sent me the motherboard and ask him whats the problem. He says that once I started the computer without the cooler the chipset should be fried after a couple of seconds. So.. I ask the other guys. Whats the problem? 2 of them told me that the chipset isnt fried, but does it matter? The pc isnt going anyway. I hear no sounds for the part "all-parts-are-okay", I dont get any visualisation on my monitor. I have tried to start the computer without some of the parts, I removed ram,video card, hard drive, not at the same time of course, same effect. So in the end I only put the processor and the part that beeps , forgot its name, same effect also. I removed the cooler and the chipset was overheating. Do you guys have any idea what might the problem be.Is the chipset fried or is it anything else. And, please, dont involve buying new parts, because Im not really wealthy and I already spent 200 bux trying to get the pc going.I dont plan on spenting any more.Thank you for the responses. If you need any additional information, please be sure to tell me, id answer as quickly as I can.
I have tried HDD,Videocard,ram on other computer - everything is working.
If you need the model of anything else.. The video card is GT 520 [KFA2], the processor is Intel e2200 dual-core. The PSU is 350w Fortron. And the hdd is Samsung something, dont know the exact model.

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July 28, 2012 6:33:52 AM

Should have come here first :D 

Did you check to see if maybe your video cable is bad, and have you tried the monitor on another PC?

Also, did you say that you were not getting POST, and beeps, etc? (I think you did, but your post is difficult to read)

Are any fans spinning when you try to power it on/is it even powering on?

July 28, 2012 6:49:23 AM

I'm sorry for the hard-to-read part. I have tried with two different cables and I have tried the monitor on another computer.The fans are spining on the psu,video card and the processor. I uploaded a video a while ago, Ill try to find it and ill upload it here so you can see what exactly is going on.
And I hear no beeps also.
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July 28, 2012 7:43:46 AM

The "problem" here is that you're buying second and third hand components from shady people whose entire objective is to sell you as many second and third hand components as possible. Write this off as a learning experience, only ever do business with large businesses.

Fortunately for you the P45 is a well designed chipset and doesn't put out much power. It only needs to be actively cooled if the CPU does not have a fan on it (water cooling or other exotic means). Your motherboard is more than likely okay if the PSU hasn't damaged it.

Unfortunately for you everything else in there is a disaster waiting to happen. Take the Fortron PSU out of your case, put it on a fence post and put a few holes in it with the sidearm of your choice. If shooting is frowned upon in your neighbourhood then smash it between some rocks. If you continue to use that piece of chinese made junk it will destroy your whole PC.

Get a good SeaSonic or Corsair brand (Corsair PSUs are also manufactured by SeaSonic) and put that in there instead. Yes it costs more but if you don't spend the $50 bucks it will take to get one you will have to spend hundreds of dollars replacing everything else when that knockoff explodes on you.

Lastly, don't ever talk to the idiots that you talked to again.
July 28, 2012 7:55:36 AM

Well.. thank you for your response, but Im sorry to read it, really. I headed to second parts, because as I mentioned in the first post - Im not wealthy and more importantly - Im still studying. I have taken a lot of money from my parents to fix this and I have no intentions to spent anymore, shame. Maybe it costs 50 bux in your contry, but here it costs like 100. And the salaries arent that big so its kind of unreachable for me. And that just a maybe. My old PSU was a chineese crap, and the guy who gave me this told me that it is more than okay ( I traded it for a 9500 GT passive cooling ). Didnt know Fortrons are such crap.
I dont have any friends with PSU's like this that would borrow it for a few hours.So.. that just means that I will not have a pc for a long time.Well , as I said, Thank you for your competitive and quick reply, it really helped me out.Atleast now I wont spent a day after day trying to get it to work.
July 30, 2012 6:12:33 AM

Try flipping the speaker on the motherboard if you haven't.

Nvm, I see that you have a double digit diagnostic display, and that isn't even lighting up.

It looks like your processor isn't even starting up. So is your old Power Supply not available?

I would also take what Pinhedd is saying about your Fortron PSU with a grain of salt. Go to this thread and read through it, especially the second to last post.

It is dated, looking to be some 7 years ago, but newer reviews say you should be okay. It's really hit or miss with PSU's though.

Anyways, how are you starting your computer? and is it normally in a case with a button, or an open air build?

Perhaps the BIOS is too out of date for your processor. I've had a processor compatibility issue before, but I don't remember what the symptoms were. That or maybe the processor is itself fried. I mean, you've replaced just about everything else, and verified that the other parts work. Processors can die. Haven't had it happen to me personally, but it can happen.
August 3, 2012 7:46:01 AM

Well.. I have talked to a several different persons. According to all of them the psu is good enough to start up the pc, it may not work properly, but it will boot, atleast. So Im kind of really confused.
The bios is not outdated, the guy who sold it to me, told me that it is updated to the latest bios possible, so.. maybe its too new for the processor. Also, the proc. is heating up. If its fried isnt it supposed to be cool? And my Chipset is heating up, the video card and the ram are tested. The hard drive is heating up and is making some noise. Everything seems to be proper, but why isnt it booting up?
And about that diagnostic display - I dont know why it isnt lighting up, it was at the begining, but now.. The guy told me that if the pc isnt booting properly I can check the numbers/letters that are written in it in internet and it would tell me what the problem is.. but its not lighting up.
Are there some new things I can try without spenting anymore money? Its really frustrating to not have pc :\
I still have my old PSU, but it is a real chineese junk. It says its 400watts but its way less. As I bought my computer not in separate parts, but the whole box from a pc store, I think they just placed enough to supply the parts I bought the pc with, so it would be unable to upgrade. My old mobo had only 2 slots for ram and my ram was on 2 sticks, it still is actually. I have tried with my old psu but it gave me the same result. I have read all over the internet about this problem, some people have fixed it with new PSU, some with new PCU.. but whats my case?