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Monitoring CPU temp, clock, etc. in real time in Windows

I'm just wondering if it's possible to monitor the CPU temp, clock, and other such elements in real time without restarting my computer and going into the BIOS to check? CPU-Z doesn't seem to have a temp indicator anywhere and it's very hard to read. Is this even possible?
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    CoreTemp has a nice side-bar Gadget you might be interested in. And CoreTemp will display near real time temps in the taskbar.

    HWMonitor will capture the min/max temps during an operating session.
  2. It probably goes without saying - always decline to install the Yahoo, etc., toolbars.

    And if you've never worked with the system tray notification settings you'll want to know that you'll need to Customize the notification icons for CoreTemp to: Show Icons and Notifications.
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  3. speedfan also lets you do a lot
  4. Thanks. CoreTemp is very nice, though it took 3 tries to find a download that didn't come with an annoying downloader. I hate that, even for 500 MB downloads. As to toolbars, I never use them anyway. All I care for is the back, forward, refresh, and address input in a tool bar, nothing more.
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