Can I Xfire xfx 5770 w/ sapphire 5770?

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  1. No not right off the bat...they have different bios chips in them so they wont work as a x fire. you need the same card same brand....but there is a loophole for this.
  2. please explain. . .
  3. Well I just went thru this myself about the difference between the bioss and how they work together lots to explain but to put it bluntly its like running to different os's on your rig. the loop hole that there is is that you have the option of flashing the bios in the xfx card which the first link is the best one but you have to flash the xfx bios from the sapphire bios so they are on the same"page" as it were....its not recommended to those who donot know how to do this cuz you could end up bricking one of your cards...happend to me 2 days ago and I have flashed many of these cardsati puts to many restrictions on these cards but buy flashing them and not usin ccc you can adjust bios settings higher clock settings and some time if supported which the sapphire is not voltage settings. at your own risk you can read up on it google it and everything you need to learn is there. BUT my advice is get the exact same card to x fire. I have run into a few unpleasant issues with x fire. I would rather go with one good card instead of 2 or 3 cards simply cuz some games donot not support xfire
  4. Viper, it shouldn't have been that hard. They should CF just fine.
  5. someone know what they're talking about please answer ==
  6. They CF just fine. CF is very forgiving. I have no clue what Viper is trying to talk about between differences in the cards bios. AFAIK he's wrong.

    Edit: You can CF a 5770 with a 5750. I'm sure they use a different bios. I can't imagine why you couldn't CF those 5770s.
  7. Simple answer. It will work. I know in the early days SLI had to be the same bios, but do not remember this being an issue with ATI.
  8. thanks just ordered
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