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Hey, i have a moderate PC, with an i5 2500 , i m really concerned about the temperatures,

idle 39-41 c
prime, 100% load, it rises upto 78 c , fan rpm goes from 1100 idle to 1700 at full load, i have some small fans installed for cooling the case, two intakes at front and two exhausts at top and rear....

Are these temperatures normal ??
if not what can i do ?....please help me
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  1. I never use prime 95 for testing; use your own video cards and games for testing purposes. My own 760 i5 got up to 90c briefly while testing (without any thermal grease) and continued to run windows. The only reason for messing with it is if you want to install an aftermarket cooler. If you don't want to remove your board, measure the space around to make sure the cooler will fit, etc. then I would leave it alone.
  2. Its a normal temp for an i5 2500 @ Prime you wont even touch 70 C even if you do intense gaming or hours of video encoding. If you are too much worried you may use a really cheap CPU cooler like Cooler Master Hyper TX3. It can decrease the CPU temps of around 15 to 18C for a really cheap price......
  3. No love for the Hyper 212?
    With stock cooler yes, this is perfect normal.
    With a stock cooler you'd probably see around 5-10C shaved off your Lowest temp (depending on your ambient temps) and quite a lot of your highs.
  4. really appreciate ur help,

    quick question ...: hyper 212 or hyper n520
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