Hard Drive not working with new motherboard

Hey there, today my dad brought home a motherboard, which he says is a 64 bit motherboard, which i dont understand fully.. I tried a 32 bit processor and it worked fine, everything worked fine, but there was one problem. When i was starting the computer, it restarts at the point saying 'starting windows'. I'm not sure what could be causing this, is it because the OS on the HD is 32 bit? Is it because i put a motherboard battery from another motherboard in it? I'm sort of confused so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
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    Sounds like you are trying to use an old Windows installation with a new motherboard. That will work maybe half of the time.

    Your original Windows installation has chipset drivers from your original motherboard. And they apparently conflict with the new board.

    A fresh Windows installation should solve your problem.

    The motherboard battery has nothing to do with your problem.
  2. I tried it and it worked, thank you! ^_^
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