5850 HDMI output blurry

I just installed Sapphire Radeon HD5850 in my pc. The image through the DVI connection looked fine, but I lost my sound because it was hijacked by the built in HDMI sound chip on the 5850.

I reconnected my monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 2494HM with integrated speakers) using an HDMI cable. This brought back sound, but the image is all screwed up - blurry and out of contrast.

Can someone suggest how I can: 1)circumvent the 5850 audio driver and force the pc to use its built-in audio

2) fix the image coming out of the hdmi port of the 5850. I don't know whether it is the card, the cable or the monitor, but the connection looked great using DVI (just no audio)


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  1. 1.) it might be a problem with your hdmi cable
    2.) check if you have set the correct refresh rate (ideally its 60Hz) when you connect with the hdmi
  2. I ultimately ditched the HDMI cable and went back to the DVI. I was able to change a BIOS setting to allow the computer's onboard sound rather than defaulting to the ATI card. Now I have good quality video and the sound works.
  3. great.....though my 5850 didn snitch the audio by my hdmi....by default i get audio frm my mobo....
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