Motherboard not working when graphics card is installed

Hey guys, im having a slight issue and have no idea what im doing wrong

I built a system a few days ago.
i7 3770k
asus p8z77-v-pro
gigabyte gtx560
8gb ripjaw 1600ram
seagate 7200rpm 1tb
antec 750w true power

If i plug the graphics card into the computer, it can load into bios. but as soon as i try to run windows it crashes after about 15 seconds of attempting to load windows. if i take the graphics card off the mobo and run the on board graphics it works fine.
i tried to flash to the latest bios and that didnt change anything other then it then wouldnt even let me load windows using the onboard card. so i had to flash i back to the first bios released for the mobo.

has anyone else had this issue or have any ideas how to fix it? im going to call asus on monday provided i havnt worked out whats going on.

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  1. Make sure the video card works by testing it in another computer, hopefully one that already has an nVidia card installed in it.

    If the video card works in another computer, your motherboard probably is bad.
  2. ok im gonna go with bad motherboard then. i have tried 2 different graphics cards, both brand new and neither worked.
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