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Is it worth twice the money for Corsair Dominators

Is it worth twice the money for Corsair Dominators DDR3 1866 CL9 ($500.00) vs. Corsair Vengeance ($250.00) DDR3 1866 CL10?

It's a big difference in price but the Dominators are supposed to be top of the line chips.... I don't know.


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  1. P.S. I'm putting this memory in a new build using an Asus Maximus V Extreme motherboard.
  2. Hi there,

    Its right RAM for with your board. That RAM is great for OC to the limits.

    For that u need great mobo+CPU : )

    It would make sense in your case.

    What is the purpose of the PC?
  3. Do u already have all the parts?
  4. No I have not purchased yet. Making my list up. PC for gaming, video, etc. etc. I am an enthusiast and just like to tweak up my performance to it fastest stable performance level.

    It sounds like you prefer the Dominators!

    Thanks for replying!
  5. I have Vengeance, but Dominators are great, better.

    I was thinking, did u consider the x79 platform instead?
  6. Check this. On Intel CPU's there is no performance gain.

    RAM speed comparison - We're looking at a less than 2% difference from the fastest to the slowest.

  7. So, that is why the $$$ could be spend on faster platform.
  8. Or third option, wait for Haswell CPU, coming in first quarter 2013.
  9. Tell me about the Haswell CPU I'm unfamiliar with it.
  10. Well, its new line that will need new mobo as well.

    It will be some 20%+ faster than Ivy Bridge.
  11. It seems the Haswell is offering up to 20% speed increases in the GPU. If I understood, that is where the major improvements will be found. I plan to purchase the EVGA GTX690 to go with my new system so on-board graphics are not my worry. IF I understood correctly, I may as well and go with the Ivy Bridge CPU anyway. I guess you have to buy sometime and there is always another CPU on the horizon, but I hate to wait up to 6 months to get my new build.

    I guess the Dominator class Corsair Memory will offer superior quality and testing. But I could get the same performance out of the Vengeance class. I won't be overclocking the memory past it's 1866 speed. So...I guess save the money.

    Thanks for all the very useful information. I have learned a lot! I appreciate your responses!

  12. And there is the x79 chipset. It is faster and it has a 6core CPU's too.

    Its good if u want to use 3-4 GPU's.

    That is the premium today.

    Yes to Dominator.
  13. I looked at the Asus Maximus IV Extreme and found it very compelling! The LGA2011 CPU has me a little worried. Is it being out dated by the new Ivy Bridge CPU's? It does appeal with the 6 core CPU available. And is the x79 chipset going to be continued? Is it later that the z77?

    OK, I did not need much of a push to go with the Dominators. They struck me as the most stable and trouble free memory. The price is rough though!

  14. Best answer
    The CPU's are maybe 6 mo. apart.

    It looks like nothing will be continued. Everything is geting new socket,

    Haswell to - 1050.

    Infect, latest CPU is comming to x79. The 3970X

    The Core i7-3970X is going to replace the current Core i7-3960X and it is basically just a minor speed bump. According to available details, it could end up working at 3.5GHz base and 4.0GHz Turbo clock. Of course, it will still be based on 32nm Sandy Bridge-E architecture and feature 6 cores with HyperThreading support, have 15MB of L3 cache and come with unlocked multiplier since it is a part of "Extreme Edition" lineup.
  15. The good side of the story is that it should replace the Core i7-3960X EE CPU that should probably experience a slight drop in price before it phases out of the market.
  16. Wow tough call! The LGA 2011 i7-3930K 6 core beat the LGA 1155 Ivy Bridge i7-3770K on a lot but they were kind of close. I think mostly because of that 12mb /15mb cache. Well now I know what memory I want and not which motherboard/CPU!! 8-). I'll have to think this through a bit. I'm not interested in the on-board video so the Ivy Bridge loses a lot of it's advantage. Any advantage it the X79 vs Z77?
  17. Well, it wins where it matters. Benchmarks are nothing that matters in real world.

    Any advantage it the X79 vs Z77?

    Raw power, great overclocker. Fast 6 core.

    Ivy Bridge-E for X79 won't come until 2013.
  18. Well maybe I should wait. "Ivy Bridge-E is slated for Q4 2012" 20MB of L3 cache! humm! I'd have to wait for the whole system. Can't afford to buy both CPU's. You sure have me thinking! This is really good information! Thanks!
  19. No problem at all.

    Its tough call, isn't it?

    Wait or not : )
  20. It sure is! I'll have to do some serious thinking on this one. Thanks again!

  21. Good luck!
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  23. Happy hunting : )
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