Can't get past BIOS splash screen

Okay, I upgraded a HDD to a 1TB from a 60GB and replaced a bad PSU on an HP Pavillion 1010y Windows XP machine. That

particular problem is detailed below. The machine worked last night, well kinda, but this morning I go to finish the project and

turn the computer on only to be stuck at the BIOS splash screen completely frozen. So far I've tried clearing the CMOS by

using the jumpers and removing the battery and booting without the new HDD plugged in. Still freezing at the BIOS splash.

I hope someone can help.

Last night I replaced a PSU and cloned an old 60GB HDD to a new 1TB HDD, installed the 1TB into the computer only to get

BSOD's. Would not completely boot last night but it did get to the XP loading screen.

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. "..booting without the new HDD plugged in. Still freezing at the BIOS splash."

    With a reset BIOS and the new HDD not plugged in it still freezes in BIOS? Bummer.

    Do you have another PSU to swap in? Maybe this is PSU related and not HDD/bios. Double check all the PSU to MB connections. Is this a good PSU or a POS ?

    Any chance you hit the CPU heatsink and maybe knocked it off the CPU? Or one of the PSU wires is blocking the CPU fan ? Are the case and CPU and video fans turning?

    If fans sping and PSU is a quality PSU (or OEM from HP) then I'd start pulling cards and memory hoping that one of them got loose when you were plugging in the SPU connectors.

    Goto HP web site and read their article "Troubleshooting Motherboard Issues" It has beep codes for your MB. You want to pull all parts until you get the MB beeping, then start adding them back in.
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