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Hey Everyone,

I have decided to build a pc for the first time. I've gone into this without much knowledge on computer parts/specs. Thus far I have found lots of good info from this website and others on how to get started and I already know way more about components than I did just a week ago.

I'm working on a budget of only $500-$600 so I'm looking at mid grade to low mid grade parts because that is what I can afford. I guess I should also mention that the goal is for a gaming pc. I've narrowed down my graphics and cpu to two choices and now that I know those I'm looking for a motherboard. I haven't been able to find nearly as much info on choosing a good motherboard for a budget. The CPUs I'm deciding between are intel i3 2120 or intel i5 2310. Both are H2 LGA 1155 sockets. The graphics i'm deciding between are Radeon 6870 and geforce GTX 560 though the radeon is more likely given price. I don't have any brand allegiance I'm just looking for the best product for the best price that works with what I have already chosen.

Any suggestions? or even tips on where to find more info would be great
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