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Cooler Master GX-750 (psu) fan bearing is making a rattling sound

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October 30, 2011 4:12:58 PM

as the title says, my PSU fan (im pretty certain it's the PSU, rather than the 4 case fans or cpu cooler fan) is making a rattling sound which I understand is coming from the ball bearing/s

the PSU is under warranty but having read some reviews of the GX-650 (1 respected reviewed said it was garbage) I have to wonder does the GX-750 really have any better build/component quality, Im beginning to doubt. I may return the PSU (to ebuyer, UK) - but that would leave me without working PC for maybe 1 month and Im not sure I want the PSU repaired or replaced with a new GX-750.

In an ideal world i'd like to send the PSU back and get this (slightly) cheaper but probably superior PSU, OCZ 750W Fatal1ty Series Semi-Modular PSU but Im not sure if ebuyer will allow that. budget around 70 GBP so please dont suggest I get 140 GBP gold certified PSUs

aside from the bearing rattle proving to be an irritation does it also suggest the PSU fan is beginning to fail and will die at some point soon?

if Im gaming it's not an issue as I have volume up loud through 5.1 system but If I watch a movie or do some in internet late at night the rattle is heard when im near the case

thanks for any advice

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October 30, 2011 4:38:06 PM

You would need to read reputable reviews on the EXACT model PSU as some companies use various mfgs. for their PSUs and the quality and performance can vary significantly from one model to another of the same series. and have a lot of reviews in addition to Tom's and Anandtech.

If you want to objectively, accurately and scientifically determine what PSU power is required for your Vid card and PC in both watts and 12v rail amps., the forum Utility link below will show you how easy it is to calculate this information and objectively determine which PSUs are quality built, reliable PSUs that can meet your needs. Be advised that the available 12v rail amps. is just as important as the total PSU wattage. You need both to be correct.
September 14, 2014 11:43:25 PM

cps1974 said:
the PSU is under warranty

Just have it replaced.