Keep having to switch outlets to boot

Long story short, got back from a week long vacation and figured my PSU was dead. Switched outlets nothing, put in my other PC's PSU and booted up no problem.

Picked up an OCZ zt series 750watt and installed it. Within the next 2 days I get a CMOS error, no big deal, go through the motions. Next bootup I get stuck in a boot loop and end up having to clear the CMOS in order to boot up. Fast forward to today and each time I sleep or shutdown my PC I've had to literally switch wall outlets/surge protector outlets in order to boot back up. I've never heard of this at all. Also noticed my system tray icon settings have been reset. I figured I'd replace my CMOS battery but I didn't think that would impact the current issue. By plugging directly into the wall I've obviously ruled out a surge protector problem. I'm left thinking it's either the Mobo or new PSU.

I'm using a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R mobo

Any help?
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  1. Sounds like the new PSU needs a reset every time. I would try RMA on it before the motherboard.
  2. Long shot, may have been lightning strike during your absence. Induction or line spike can kill or damage a MB/PSU easily. Hope Not!! Good Luck!
  3. Swapped in a new PSU and had no problems. RMA'd the PSU with problems.

    Can you have induction or spikes while using a surge protector? Everything runs through one but I'm pretty sure I had it switched off.
  4. You can. If your surge suppressor has had a hit before, it may become nothing more than a extension strip for the next hit. Or, if a lightning strike hit close, induction can cause voltage spikes in an unplugged computer. But that would take a close strike. Not very likely, although I had one hit my chimney many years ago and blow out the TV and several other things.
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