Is this 6870 legit? Just bought it on ebay.

Last night I bought this on ebay:

Is this a brand new design? I can't find this anywhere on the web including Diamond's site. It looks just like their 6850, but this one has the 2x mini-dps. It would be great if they've made a shorter version of the card...but I want to make sure that I'm not being taken in by a very elaborate scam.

If anyone could shed some light on the design/pros/cons of this card vs the original(?) "box" design I would really appreciate it.

very confused,
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    its a 6870 1 gig going by the sticker on it.
    but the lf r97fm says it could be a 6790. the only way to be sure is to stick it in and run dxdiag after you have installed the latest ati driver.
    it looks like its had a vapor cooler put on it so maybe its a refurb or maybe its a ne line.

    but going by its general appearance you may have gotten a bargain. i had a look here and it is listed as a 6850 with that cooler
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