Switching Graphics Card and Installation?

Hello. I have two computers from Dell, one with an ATI video card and one with an Nvidia video card. I want to switch the cards between the two computers, but I don't know where to go from there.

If I just insert the switched card, will the monitor still show a display? I was planning on just switching cards and installing the new drivers, but I can't do that if i can't see anything. I don't know if either computer has integrated graphics, but I doubt it since they are both several years old.

Also, I don't have the installation software for either card. Or at least I don't think Dell gave me one. If these are necessary, is there anyway to put the drivers onto a CD and use that instead?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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  1. yeah the display should come up cuz you are just dealing with the display driver then....or you could dowload the driver packs from amd and ndviida on the computers that you want to switch to then unistall your drivers and just reinstall your drivers for each rig for that card....your display in this matter should not be a problem...let me know how that goes
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