I want to upgrade my 8gb ram 1333 @ 667 mhz to 16gb ram 1333 @ 667 mhz

i want to upgrade my 8gb (2x4gb)ram 1333 @ 667 mhz to 16gb (4x4gb)ram 1333 @ 667 mhz
i have memory fron nanya and i can't find the same thing anywhere
it's a pc 10700 (667mhz) according to cpuz

do i have to use another 8gb of ram from kingston or corsair or do i need to buy a new 16gb set?

proccessor: i7-2600 that supports 32gb of 1066/1333 memory
gpu: gt 545 (want to upgrade to gtx 680)
motherboard: a standard medion motherboard (if you want to know ask in comments than i will try to find it)

ps: sorry for bad english, i'm dutch
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  1. You can use RAM from other brands. If you are unlucky you might have a small compatibility problem but it should not happen. Make sure your motherboard supports 16GB
  2. I make 2d videos to 3d and at the same time i play games like the crysis series, RAGE, borderlands and some ohter shooters and some rts/strategy games
  3. Well I have 4GB RAM and play borderlands on max settings, had crysis on medium or high, anno2070 on high and a few others. The general consensus is that,like anonymous1 said, 8GB is more than enough but if you want to get 16GB do it.
  4. I use more than 4 gigs but less than 5 gigs if i only play crysis 2 or metro2033 but if im converting a 2d video to 3d at the same time i have my ram maxed up to 8
  5. i have an medionpc ms 7728 motherboard. here is what it says on the specs site: 2 * 240-pin DDR3 DIMM slots Supports Dual Channel DDR3 1333/1066 MHz non-ECC , un-buffered memory (MAX. 16GB)

    does this mean i have 2 slots? because if i buy another 8gb set i have 4x4gb total
  6. It means you only have 2 slots. So you will have to buy 2x8GB memory sticks
  7. I've decided to buy 2x8gb and gtx 680 and an aerocool strike-x advanced devil red.
    Does anyone know about a dvd-reader place because i only see a black spot on the front where it may go but i'm not sure?
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