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Graphics Card & Triple Monitor Combo; Gaming/Entertainment

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May 27, 2011 5:10:29 PM

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to get some advice on my upcoming purchase of 3 monitors with my new system and GPU's.

3 DELL U2410's are my choice of monitors. I think they are a solid decision for gaming, because of the features and overall quality, and as well I can take advantage of Dell financing, since I am buying my new system outright I can take advantage of leveraging this portion of the upgrading.

A) What do you guys think of having 3 DELLU2410's in general? They will be used for but not limited to gaming: eyefinity or nvidia surround. I will also use them for business and watching movies.
Despite seeing a lot of thumbs up for this choice so far, my only reservation remains that the U2410 has been out since I believe 2009, so I don't know if I will be buying something dated or suboptimal in today's market. I would not say no to a superior decision, and would buy outside of dell if the advantage were compelling enough. I also noted that the Dell U2410's I believe are 16:10, whereas I am currently used to 16:9, but I think this is not a factor, whether it be positive or not.

As for the Graphics cards, currently I am leaning towards dual 6950's, and I am recommended to get the 2GB versions since I am going to be supporting dual monitors. I will run the i7 2600k & a new asrock z68 extreme 4.

A) Do you think this is a good GPU decision? Or is there superior options?

I would really appreciate opinions on these monitor choices, as well as a good GPU configuration. I don't mind buying Nvidia :)  Also for the monitors, I am contemplating getting the new XFX Tristand

It is a bit steep at near $400, especially with mere usb 2.0 connectors on the front, but nonetheless it looks pretty slick.

Thanks everyone for any input or consideration, it means a great deal to me!

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May 27, 2011 6:37:58 PM

I'll put my thoughts in two parts.

The U 2410's are perfectly OK. Don't worry about them being "dated" because there hasn't been a whole lot of change in the monitor field besides LED, contrast ratio, and 3d capabilities. They'd be fine for what you need them for.

In regards to the GPU choice, you have two options depending on a couple of things:

1. The 6950 is a really good GPU for the money. To crossfire them would be an excellent choice that would yield some great performance (especially when each has 2gb, handles the extra resolution pretty nicely if you want to run a game across all 3 monitors.

2. The thing you'll want to keep in mind in regards to Crossfire vs SLi is the following. With Crossfire, you have to have all 3 monitors connected to the first video card, which would require every monitor connected beyond the 2nd to have an Active Displayport Adapter for the monitor.

If you use SLi, you could connect 2 monitors to one card and one monitor to the second card. You can find a good explanation of how this works here:

Both solutions would work perfectly fine. If you ended up going with an Nvidia card and going SLi, I would have to recommend the GTX 560 or GTX 570. Kind of depends on what gaming you're doing and how intensive it would be.

Hope this helps!