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Okay, so I was planning on dropping like $700-900 bucks on a new computer sometime soon. Unfortunately, my car kinda crapped out so I have to put most of that money into it to get it going. So, as a stopgap, I want to upgrade my laptop.

I have an ASUS g51vx Laptop running Windows Vista 64 bit. I got into the Battlefield alpha and it ran at around 20 fps at auto settings (which looked pretty darn good).

I don't know much about laptops nowadays so I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade the graphics card and processor and what that might cost me?

Thanks in advance!

(BTW I do have a copy of Windows 7 I can put on there, if that helps)
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  1. upgrading the processor is probably impossible. Upgrading the graphics card may be possible, depending on the model, but is going to be either expensive or difficult and is generally not recommended. I would recommend saving your money until you can get a new laptop/desktop.
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    I highly doubt you can upgrade the video card in the laptop. In nearly all cases the video chip is soldered into the motherboard. Those very, very few laptops which allows you to upgrade the video card are usually in excess of $1,500+; easily. But not all of those have replaceable video cards either, so you cannot just go by the cost of the laptop. You would need to research if in fact the video card could be replaced.

    Laptop video card are not sold to the general public so you would have a difficult time looking for a card that would be compatible with your laptop.

    Forget upgrading your laptop. Just get your car fixed, then save up money for a new desktop PC.
  3. jaguar is right. About the only feasible laptop upgrades are hard disk and memory.
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