Hola. I've been using RealTemp to monitor my CPU Core speeds and they are perfectly fine while gaming and such. They never get above 50 C. However, I just downloaded HWMonitor and I'm looking at the section labeled: CPUTIN and it says 60 C. Is this an issue, and actually, what in the world is CPUTIN anyway.
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  1. Here's a pic of the results:
  2. And also, here's a pic after playing a round of BF3 on max settings, you can see that my cores are barely affected at all. When CPUTIN hit 127 C it was right when i started up the browser, it went to 127 C for like half a second so I assume it's a software glitch. Other than that it did not move from 60 throughout the entire game. I'm sensing that it's having trouble reading the true temps because in SpeedFan it says that my CPU temp stays at NEGATIVE 60 C no matter what I'm doing. Odd...
  3. Yeah, that's definitely a software issue. Some motherboards don't report temps properly to software like HWMonitor and SpeedFan, or there could be a bad temperature sensor on the CPU package. In any case, if the CPUTIN was actually 127 degrees, the system would shut down. I'd say use CoreTemp and see what the core temperatures are. As long as the core temperatures aren't getting up into the 70s or 80s, you are fine.
  4. Alright... so CoreTemp is reading similar temps for all four cores: low 30's for idle and mid to upper 40s while gaming. Sounds good to me.
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