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Attempted to add more Ram now wont boot.

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  1. Did you try resetting BIOS to defaults?
  2. i removed the internal battery for a hour to try and reset but has i cant keep it alive long enough to enter the bios i dont know if that did the job or not
  3. Apparently not! Check all your connections to see if you bumped anything loose when installing the ram.
  4. just dubbed cheeked all wires every thing is connected but now it boots for about 2ish secs then turns off, and on rare time when it goes to splash screen to enter bios dies before it enters the bios menu
  5. did you try only the new ram on the first channel on the board then if it boot add the old ram on the second channel
  6. @rolli51 i was a moron their is a reset coms on the back
    no affect tho

    @scout just tried that no differences in results
  7. Before installing or removing any of the memory modules, did you make sure to turn off the computer and unplug the power cord from the power outlet to prevent damage to the memory modules or the CPU's memory controller?

    Even when clearing the CMOS there should be no power from the power supply reaching the motherboard.
  8. yes i did remove power when putting the memory in and out

    with clearing COMS however i had to leave it connected to power to get it to work button, at that time i did however have the ram in place
  9. i been doing reading on versus sites and this issues seems to sound like a gigabyte motherboard one seen a few posts where when attempting to upgrade ram the motherboards die.

    thank for the help every one if any one else thinks of another posable solution would be more then willing to hear it but i fell based on the other forums i have seen its a motherboard problem.

    thanks again for the help
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    contact gigabyte with this and see what they will answer you could have to do a rma
  11. ya still under warranty so just going throw the RMA paper work
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