GTX 460 Dual Monitor Temp Issue

I have recently started using a second monitor for my gtx 460. However, my idle temps on 1 monitor used to be 30 degrees Celsius and now they are around 50 degrees with 2 monitors. I read this is caused by the GPU not downclocking. To fix this, I downloaded a program called Nvidia inspector and started the Dual monitor power saver. It effectively downclocks for you to save power and it reduces my temperature significantly. The problem, however, I can't play games effectively with this program and I have to constantly be changing the P-state and thresholds to get it workings, or restarting my computer. Are there any solutions to the temperature problems that I can do, or is there ways to make nvidia inspector run better. (eg: thresholds, p-states, etc.)
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  1. I don't really have a solution for you thats easy. However IMO I'd just use MSI Afterburner and create your own downclocked and normal/overclocked settings. That way when you want to game you just click a different profile, it only takes about 5 seconds if you have it running all the time.

    At least thats what I do because my 2D clocks never ramp up anymore, so i have to switch to 3D clocks when I want to game. It's a little bit of a hassle but much less of a one then what you are doing.
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