I7 950 Windows Experience Index Score became low

After using couple of months decided the format my desktop. After installing drivers, checked the windows experience index, i noticed there is big decrease on processors score, i don't remember exactly but it was more than 7.6 now its showing 6.7.Do you think does that means i got a problem with my CPU , what do you people have score for i7 950?

Windows Experience Index Score :


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  1. The Windows Experience Index is always updating. While your CPU was hot stuff a while ago, it has been overtaken by newer CPUs. That will cause your scores to lower when the WEI adds new hardware to its scoring system, as the newer CPUs take over the top tier. In any case, WEI isn't exactly a good benchmark. There probably is nothing wrong with the CPU, are you losing performance in any applications? Also did you overclock your CPU at any point. If it ran the initial test on an OC that would lead to a higher score than a test on stock clocks.
  2. There was a heating problem , i find out later. The fan of the CPU was loose. After taking it off and changing the thermal compound and putting it back , it all fixed the problem.
  3. I want to bump and add a query for the comunity.

    I have a machine right now with a i7 950.

    The other is a AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb

    The i7 is scoring above the Phenom and while it is only .1 higher (7.5) vs (7.4) it still bothers the hell out of me that a CPU I have oc'd to 3.9 stable (the test score is based on stock clocks in this case) is given a lower score than an old i7 950.

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this. I have been digging around because I need to decide between rolling my EVGA sli3 board to my new case or using my ASUS M4A87TD EVO. Which is freaking marvell controller free (thank God).
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