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Hey, guys. I'm trying to find a motherboard for a Intel Core i-5 3570K I'll be getting. Problem is, this will be my first major intel build and I don't know where to start. I'm willing to spend around 100 and I do want to overclock at some point in the future but by not much. I also plan on using about 8gb of ram and I need to it have on board video if possible (as back up). Last, it needs to have at least one pci slot for my sound card and of course be reliable.

That leaves a lot of options so I don't' really know what to go with. Anyone have some recommendations?
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  1. That CPU already has on chip video so you're covered there. Now if you want to overclock you could go with one of these 3 chipsets: P67,Z68,Z77.

    The first two(P67,Z68) will probably be cheaper but may require a BIOS flash to use an Ivy Bridge.

    The last one (Z77) is made with Ivy Bridge CPU's in mind and has all the goodies you could ask for (overclocking,sli/crossfire,PCI-e 3.0,etc) but will be more expensive.

    Frankly I think all motherboards using LGA1155 socket will allow you to use 8GB RAM and will have one pci slot.

    Long story short you're looking for something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128554
    Or if you prefer another brand I'm sure they will have a similar product
  2. U can definitely use this one -> ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 -> ... Latest Z77...

    I just build PC with this mobo and I like the BIOS, its looks like this.

    Works as expected @ 4.4GHz

    That is a great mobo choice for the CPU. It has good power design for OC.

    Read the Toms review Seven Sub-$160 Z77 Express Motherboards, Reviewed
    @ http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/z77-express-ivy-bridge-benchmark,3254.html

    ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX


  3. you could try use this ASUS p8z77-mATX
    its very good, i use it it fits with a LGA 1155 pin cpu

    with 8g ram and a intel i3 3.3 dual core i installed win 7 64bit in 10-15 minutes,i had a western digital 2T harddrive.
  4. Alright. Thanks, I'll look into these. ^_^

    edit: actually, I'm not sure about the ASrock one. I don't like what people are saying in the reviews. I trust Gigabyte more but there aren't many reviews. The ASUS P8Z77-M seems like the best bet but again, there aren't many reviews to go by. Reliability is a big factor also.
  5. Personally I prefer Gigabyte or ASUS over ASRock or Biostar however you will have people saying otherwise. Unless there's a major flaw or advantage from one brand to another I simply choose whichever I like the most. The differences are not significant and I get some peace of mind
  6. Here is an Asus Motherboard you could consider. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131841

    Good Luck!
  7. Try the Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H. It's a reliable, cheap, and good looking motherboard to boot.
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