New kingston DDR3 1333 running at only 800 bus speed.. HELP

Hi There,

I decided to upgrade my pc by adding a new kingston 2G DDR3 1033 kit .. I Bought it and placed it in the same slot color with the old one (kingston 2g DDR3 1033) .. when i turned on the pc it just gave a black screen without any beeps .. i removed the new one, it worked well .. i changed the clock freq. from the bios from AUTO To 667 and 553 and aslo they didnt work .. BUT when i changed the freq. to 400 .. the new kit worked well with the old one

This is my pc spes. without the new ram installed

With the 2 rams installed it Reads 400 MHZ

What should i do ?! Is the New kit is bad ?

Note the old one Model is KVR1333D3N9/2G
and the new one is KVR1333D3S8N9/2G
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  1. UPPPPPP !!!!!!!
  2. Many boards when all slots full need the command rate to be 2T. With it at 1T in your picture might be the issue.
  3. i only use 2 of 4 ram slots .. i entered the bios and didnt find sth called command rate to change it .. How to change it ?!

    By the way thats when i run the 2 rams at 400 MHZ

    is the ram bad ?!Should i replace it ?
  4. try in bios ran 533 at Dcmode ungaged maybe work
  5. How well are those two matched. There is some difference looking them up at Kingston and that is possible what is causing the issue. It is recommended to have two of the same.
  6. or post again screenshoot CPU-z , just single channel new ram .. we will know
  7. I tried .. it didn't also .. it only works at 400
  8. the only difference is one is double sided and the other is single sided ... even when i install the new ram only .. it doesnt work exept at 400 MHZ
  9. Andromida said:

    where is screenshoot new one KVR1333D3S8N9/2G??
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