Graphics Card problem.

Hey guys.
Just yesterday I was playing Crysis 2 for about 2 and a half hours. After that time my game produced these green lines all over the screen. I immediately exited out and thought my problem was fixed. Then I noticed some flickering with some of my applications on my OS. When I watch a movie or something there are visible little black dots all over the video. There are also some borders of windows that get stretched out. And while I'm typing this my font becomes distorted and random symbols and numbers pop up.

What happened? Did my graphics card overheat?

These are my specs:
Phenom II X4 970 Processor 3.5 GHz
Asus Radeon HD 6970 factory O.Ced to 890MHz Core Clock.
12 GB of DDR3 RAM running at 1600 MHz
AX850W PSU Corsair Gold Edition
ASUS Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard
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  1. Overheat problem it seems, yeah. If it happens from time to time, might want to check in-case temperatures: MoBo, CPU, VGA. That should give you an idea if everything is running way too hot or not. Easy to tell test is just putting your hand besides the case where the video card is at: if it burns or is very hot, that ain't good AT ALL.

    If you think it's a "safe" temperature, might want to RMA the card. Otherwise, try to improve your system's cooling. Is it humid or very hot where you have your computer by any chance?

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