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I downloaded the D-Link DWL-G122 driver (to Save in desktop folder. Unzipped, installed, Got a message; The procedure entry point Aps SearchInterface could not be located in the dynamic Link Library wlanapi.dill OK What?
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  1. Try downloading it again -- assuming you are sure it's the right driver -- remember there can be several models with similar model numbers but revised version numbers (sometimes with completely different chipsets).

    Also you make sure you software and hardware exactly as instructed -- like the USB stick usually goes in after the driver has loaded.
  2. Hi;Thank you for the response;
    I did download again, the driver only that was listed by D-Link, with the info on the DWL-G122 USB wireless unit. This was the driver only, with no instructions. I downloaded it to save. Opened the folder dble clicked the install icon. and away it went through the install procedure. It showed the program in all programs. But would do nothing, but show the message regarding the non pathway to wlanapi.dill
    Any ideas please?
  3. If this is a recent purchase, return it.

    If not that recent, I would raise the issue on D-Link's support site -- they may have further advice. Ask them which chipset is used and if D-Link has no working driver look for a generic driver for the chipset (and your operating system, obviously).
  4. Thank You, I appreciate your time and advice
  5. woski11; A follow up, I Checked out They did have an updated driver for my unit. Installed it followed their instructions. It it installed seamlessly.
    Thanks again
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