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Confused and loss for ideas!!

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October 31, 2011 2:23:38 AM

Helo Again all

Well Im back and the same problem is starting over again. After stress testing GPU, RAM, and Processors. All checked out fine. I installed windows 7 64 bit. Everything has worked fine till the 27th of october, then it did its first warm reboot. Sigh to the point of confusion and not knowing where to turn? Have had other people look at system of course doesnt do the warm reboot for them, and they run their own stress tests, even had a electrican look at my powersupply all checks out 100% fine, but its not???? I even got volt meter checked out wall outlets they all read perfect to.

So, im at total loss now no idea what to do. The system runs great other than this, only event that comes up is Event ID 41, or Event 6008. Event 41 is a kernal power dissruption.

SO, any suggestions or ideas would be greatly greatly appreciated.

To recap problem

1. System warm reboots, when gaming only.
2. Started back in March 11, then it may go a month or two with out any problems, then sometimes it may do it two or three days in a row, or two or three times in one night.
3. Have stressed test Memory, Processors, Graphics card all come back fine to hicups.

System information

Processors: Dual xeon 3ghz processors
Rame : Kingstion 4 gig
GPU: 8800 GTX nvida
Mother Board: Intel S5000XVN
Power: 1000 watt turbocool 1KWSR


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a c 145 à CPUs
October 31, 2011 7:56:33 PM

Is your PSU on a UPS or connected directly to the wall?
October 31, 2011 8:17:09 PM

Coonected directly to wall outlet.

a c 145 à CPUs
October 31, 2011 11:33:23 PM

That might be the problem if theres other things on the circuit that would draw the line voltage down at the wrong time, like the refridgerator or washer starting up, or if you're at the end of a long run. You recall how the lights dim throughout the whole house.