What motherboard should I get?

hey guys! i got a quick question here.. im going build a new pc in a few days once my payslip comes.. just building a budget gaming pc... now i've heard alot of negative feedback surrounding the fx4100 but if you come to think about it, the chip has alot of OC capability.. also, i have my eye on the i3-2120 which according to passmark.com, surpasses the fx4100..

i have a pricelist here from our local retailer.. im from the philippines so I dont have access to newegg/tigerdirect.. and i only have a budget of around $200~$250 or Php12000 for motherboard and cpu

NOTE: Search for "MB" for motherboards
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  1. Benchmarks can tell u a lot, but that doesn't reflects the same in the real world.

  2. This mobo will work great for the i3-2120.

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