Dvd tray will not open

I have a Lite-On DVD/CD rewritable and due to lack of use, of late, it refuses to open. This is the same as the previous DVD drive and it was replaced by a 'new' drive.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as I do not want to have to go buy another one.
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  1. If there is a disk jammed inside, you may need to pull the drive and take the cover off to remove the disk.

    On the other hand, you said it was a 'new' drive. If so, it may have failed. In that case, I suggest a better brand such as Samsung or LG.
  2. "Lack of use" is not a reason for drives to fail. In fact, it would, logically, increase their life. Use the paperclip method to get it to open initially. Reboot. See if it opens using the button. Keep an eye on it and note when it fails. In an extreme case change what port the DVD is attached to.
  3. when you boot up is there a light that comes on briefly? No light would indicate a failure or no power to the unit.
  4. Thanks to all those who replied to my question. The DVD was broken and needed to be replaced.
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