Cant get any picture to show up on monitor MemOK light blinks on start up

First time builder and I feel like I'm having the worst luck. Here is my problem: I can't get my build to run anything on the screen. When I hit power everything turns on (fans, keyboard, mouse, etc.) and the MemOk light blinks once. I'm pretty convinced it's not the memory because the mobo manual says it should work and I really doubt 4 sticks could all be bad (I cycled them and then tried each and every one in slot one, one at a time). Here is my build:

Asus P8H77-M Pro
nVidia GTX 670FTW
8gb (4x2gb) Corsair memory
WD Caviar Black 1Tb
OCZ 750Watt psu
Corsair H80 heatsink (if that is at all relevant)

What can I do to at least get to the effing BIOS? I am hooking up through HDMI, is that a problem? Help would much appreciated
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  1. You've got those funky ram lockdowns on that board (I am not sure I like them). Check to make sure your ram is fully seated especially on the non locking side - real easy to not get them all the way down.
  2. I am pretty sure we applied plenty of force (had to get used to them due to improper RAM the first time around so I've put the RAM in and out a few times here.) I will check it again though for sure. It certainly can't hurt, eh? :/
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