Video Card in, RAM up??

hello everybody, first time poster.
After getting sick of the performance for HD movies and videos from my onboard 4200, I decided to get a 512MB HD5450 (not too much of an improvement, but it was dirt cheap).
I saw no improvements in video performance, but I noticed my computer was faster in general. SO, for what its worth I performed the windows experience-o-meter check and my ram and processor score both shot up to 7.4 (previously 6.6 and 5.9 respectively). However, the aero graphics rating tumbled.
So did my computer somehow 'steal' the dedicated video RAM, or is there some mistake with the drivers? I'm thinking that having the dedicated video card freed up the ram being used for the integrated graphics, which probably means the card just sucks. Then again, how can an onboard HD4200 outperform a discrete 5450?
I already had the catalyst stuff installed, so I didn't use the cd that came with the video card.
Also, here are my system specs, if that helps:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE, Stock cooler, stock speeds
Mobo: Asus M4A785T-M
OS: Win7 Home Premium 64 bit
Video: Asus Radeon 5450
4gb ram
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  1. ok, i guess its a new question now, since it appears there's no way to improve it. Can I run Hybrid Crossfire with the HD4200 and 5450? I'm not sure that would help too much but there's no option for it in CCC.
  2. Windows index rating is widely regarded as useless and inaccurate. I wouldn't put much stock into anything it says. If your system feels faster, it's probably because it is.
  3. Why do people even bother to waste their time going over that index number. Just use some common sense that is all and that would tell you that the 5450 is a better choice for performance reasons.
  4. I don't put much faith in that index, but I was wondering why it would decrease. Plus, I really didn't like how the 4200 performed as an HTPC (Flickering screens, random artifacts, etc), Anyhow, I just reinstalled the drivers and CCC and presto, I saw the difference with the 5450. @bystander, I didn't even bother to let windows 'test' it after I saw the difference on my TV (via HDMI).
    As for running them on Hybrid CrossfireX, I'm out of luck, since its for vista only.
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    In 2D mode, most the time, the new discrete video cards go into idle mode when at the desktop. This will result in low scores when at the desktop. Your IGP probably doesn't have a idle mode, so these tests show it as more powerful at the Aero tests. It doesn't mean anything, because as soon as more power is needed, the new card would power up and be much faster.
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  7. ok thanks, that makes alot more sense
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