I7 2600k odd temp spikes

Hi all,

I am a noob and first time poster to Tom's but have lurked for awhile. I just completed my first ever build on my own and am experiencing some odd temperature spikes after the computer has run flawless for about a month. Today, I had Real Temp alarms go off showing a cpu core temp of 90+C. I immediately came over to the computer to see what was going on and realized the only real process running was a bitdefender virus scan. I went ahead and shut the computer down and restarted entering the bios where Asus AI suite showed approximately 60C. I went ahead and restarted the computer and ran another bitdefender scan while Real Temp was running and sure enough, my temps spiked immediately to 70-80C. Other than that everything else has been fine. One other thing to note however is about a week after the build I noticed the bios temps were 10-15 degrees off of Real Temp or Core Temp (tried both) readings. Not sure if this is a bad mobo or something else is going on? I did check the cpu fan to make sure its properly in place and it appears to be. Any one experienced this problem or have any idea why I would get these temp spikes running a virus scan?

System is as follows:
Intel i7 2600k (Not overclocked yet) - Stock CPU fan
Asus P8P67 EVO Rev 3
Cooler Master GX750 PSU
Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) 1600mhz Memory
EVGA GT 430 Video Card

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. You sure the fan is properly attached all the push pins in correctly?
  2. oops, I replied via iphone last night but it obviously didn't work. I checked the heat sink but short of pulling the mobo out to see if its on right all pins appear to be snug. If was a loose heat sink wouldn't the temp spike all the time, no matter what load the cpu is under?
  3. It just sounds like cooler issues to eliminate that reapplying thermal paste and reseating it would be a good idea. Your idle temps are high as well so if new paste and reseating does not work you are up for RMA to Intel.
  4. I'll give it a shot tonight and see how it goes.
  5. i had the exact same temps...

    1. flash an updated bios,

    2. get a aftermarket cpu cooler since those temps are the same i had whit the stock cooler... now 30C idle, 65-75C load(12h linpack) @ 5 GHz, 1.395v (hydro 100 )
  6. Ok, I pulled the heat sink off and reapplied thermal compound and now appear to be idle around 30-40C so it may have been a loose pin but I still have the same problem when running bitdefender virus scan which puts me back in the 70-90C range almost immediately.

    One question I do have that might be a cause of the problem is for those with an Asus P8P67 mobo with the AI Overclock tuner. I have never overclocked the processor but I was told by the memory manufacturer to take full advantage of the memory I needed to run in X.M.P mode. Does that mean I am overclocked or is there more to it. I am now thinking that might be part of the problem?
  7. Did you press the auto overclock button or play with the auto overclock in the Bios settings? If so then your trying to run an over clocked CPU on a stock heatsink/fan and that will cause heat problems. If you didn't mess with the auto overclock then I would do ad Rolli said and RMA it back to Intel.
  8. It appears that setting it in X.M.P mode as I mentioned earlier was actually overclocking the processor. Once I changed it back to auto and ran bitdefender again it spiked to a high of 70C which still seems high to me. I may try to rma the processor anyway.

    I don't understand why intel supplies a heatsink that won't cool the cpu enough on 2600k which is meant to be overclocked. Then if you use an aftermarket heatsink you can void the warranty. Doesn't make sense.
  9. Did you try wiping the old thermal paste off and reapplying again?
  10. rds1220 said:
    Did you try wiping the old thermal paste off and reapplying again?
    yes i reapplied new paste.
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