Which i7 CPU do I have? Please HELP!

So i just purchased a new toshiba computer and thought I was getting the 2670qm i7 processor with the computer and in my system information that is what it says I have BUT both Piriform Speccy AND CPU-Z say I have the i7 2720qm which is a step up so either way im not going to be mad but I would still really like to know!!!!!!! Any info or adivce is greatly appreciated!!!!!! Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Well,if both of those software are saying you have 2720QM,then that's your CPU.
  2. but why would it say 2670qm in my system information? Is that like a preload from toshiba for this type of computer
  3. Possibly they ran out, and had to put the better chip in to fill orders, most sales laws prohibit lowering of specs without telling you, but they can up the specs and stay quiet :-)
    Nice win man
  4. But does anyone know why the system information would say the 2670qm? I am guessing it is just a preset for toshiba's setup....Can anyone confirm this?
  5. I dont think the system information through windows analyzes the hardware like CPU-Z or Speccy which is why I think they are right and sys info is wrong but I would love to hear from someone who really knows the details...
  6. There is a member from Intel on here somewhere
    but I don't think he would know the specifics of Toshiba's ethics/practices that well
    Mass-produced P.C.'s are loaded up on racks and burnt in, so I reckon you're right in thinking its just a standard 'this is the hardware' script you see, whereas Cpu-z etc actually looks and says no, its an xxxx
  7. awesome!!!!!!!!!! Well if you get a chance and talk to that intel guy see what he thinks...If not its no big deal but i would still be interested to see what he thought!

    Speccy and CPU-Z get all of my other hardware right so I dont see why both of them would be getting the CPU wrong so I am pretty sure its the 2720 but having an intel professional tell me the same thing would be very reassuring :)
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