Graphics card or worse?

Yesterday in the middle of a game STO(Star Trek Online)MMO, my game froze in the middle of a battle scene and now I have dashes on my screen ALL OVER the screen. I "was" able to reboot but Device manager says my graphics card has a code 43 problem. re-installing updated drivers DID NOT help. Today, I get past reboot but it boots into a blue screen.
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  1. It sounds like the graphics card got fried, or at least the memory on the graphics card.
  2. If your computer is not busy booting into BSOD, check the temperatures with Speccy or GPU-Z. If it is beyond 70 at idle, or higher than 90 when gaming, then you have a major problem.

    Also, try uninstalling your graphics card drivers, and reinstalling them (get the most up to date ones).
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